Bridge House Nursing Home – Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the visiting hours at Bridge House?
    At Bridge House the resident comes first and as such we have an open visiting policy. This means visitors can come and go as they please although they must notify a member of staff and sign the appropriate log book when entering or leaving the building. Relatives are also welcome to telephone at anytime if they are worried or concerned about anything.
  • Can we bring our own furniture when we move in?
    We want Bridge House to feel like home for all our residents. This is why where possible, in consideration of space limitations; furniture is permitted to be brought into the home. This is usually by prior arrangement with the home manager. Some items such as rugs are not usually permitted as they constitute a trip hazard.
  • Are my family able to take me out during the day if they want to?
    We encourage friends and relatives to take residents out whenever they wish and many of our residents venture out on a regular basis.
  • What activities are there available for me to take part in?
    Here at Bridge House we pride ourselves on the range of activities available to all our residents. The Home has an activities co-ordinator who together with her team produces a daily programme of events which are designed to be enjoyable and stimulating, whilst catering for all abilities. We regularly have entertainers to the home and organise trips to local places of interest during the spring and summer. We also hold group parties for special events such as Easter and Christmas. We welcome family and friends to join in with any of our events. We also encourage residents to continue to pursue any interests and provisions can be made to enable residents to continue to attend external clubs i.e. Stroke Club or Day Centres.
  • How will I be able to access other services if I need them?
    We arrange for other specialist services to visit the home on a regular basis although this is usually subject to a local fee. A hairdresser visits the home weekly, providing coiffure services at the residents request and the chiropodist routinely visits to attend to the resident’s feet. Newspapers and magazines can be ordered and delivered to the home directly. A mobile library also visits the home monthly to supply large print and talking books. The services of chaplains of various denominations are also available as are the expertise of local opticians and dentists by appointment.
  • Will the fees I’m paying change in the future?
    The fees quoted to each resident cover nursing care, accommodation and full board. They are determined by the assessment completed by the home manager prior to admission. More complex needs will require more resources and therefore may incur a higher fee. Fees are normally reviewed annually in April although a fee increase may apply if a resident’s dependency level changes during their stay with us.
  • Do you care for residents with dementia?
    Bridge House provides care and accommodation for elderly people of both sexes from 65 years of age and over. There are 6 beds which are reserved for Dementia care.
  • Will I/ the resident have access to any money if I should need it?
    Some residents like the home to take responsibility of a personal allowance. This is usually a relatively small amount of money which can be used to buy one off items i.e. a newspaper or can be used to pay for the Hairdresser etc. Detailed records of all transactions are maintained for each individual resident and these records are subject to regular, random audits.